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Setting Up an Opto22 groov RIO

Once you unbox your groov RIO from Opto22, you have access to a versatile piece of hardware. You can run through the excellent documentation provided by Opto22, and we will take you through the process of turning it into a fully functional controller for your facility over the next few posts. Based on your hardware

MQTT Explained by Arlen Nipper

In this video from Inductive Automation, Arlen Nipper, the co-inventor of MQTT, explains what MQTT is why it was invented.

Introducing groov RIO: I/O for the IIoT™

Intelligent, multi-signal, multifunction, PoE-powered, remote Ethernet I/O for IIoT and automation applications Now with one compact unit, you can: Power the unit and connected I/O with 802.3af PoE Class 0 switches, or a 10-32 VDC power supply Wire up to 8 channels of mixed I/O signals (configurable for temperature, current, voltage, or discrete inputs or outputs), plus

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