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Automation – We have engineering experience in the fields of industrial automation, electronics, software development, power engineering. Furthermore, we have experience in business process analysis and project management. This allows us to execute non-standard engineering projects that demand an analytical understanding of the client’s needs, deep interdisciplinary knowledge, innovative thinking and special emphasis on quality.

The main partner in automation is Opto 22

More info : https://www.opto22.com

Who are Opto 22?
46 year technology innovator, from SSRs to I/O, control systems, software, mobile, & IoT Market leader of intelligent, distributed I/O systems: 100M I/O at over 10K global customers Worldwide reputation for quality and reliability backed by lifetime warranty on I/O Unique in industry to combine capabilities in OT – ruggedness, reliability, flexibility – with IT – networking, protocols, accessibility with open standards Global recognition, availability, and trusted by major corporations all over the world…

What Opto do?
With unmatched reliability, innovation, and quality as its benchmarks, Opto 22 makes it faster and easier to connect to, control, monitor, and gather business intelligence from the extended enterprise and bring it into business applications. What is the Opto 22 difference? -Open standards - Made in the U.S.A. -Talk to a real person every time you call - Engineering and manufacturing staff that work together -Guaranteed for life I/O -More info: https://www.opto22.com
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  • Opto 22 Products
  • Fully integrated automation system
  • * PAC Project Software Suite
  • * SNAP PAC controllers and I/O
  • Distributed I/O
  • * Embedded or PC-based control
  • * Ethernet, serial, ARCNet, parallel
  • SSR’s
  • * Wide variety of AC or DC, from 10 to 45 amp
  • * Pinned for PCB mount, or terminals for wired
  • More information: https://www.opto22.com/products
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