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All in one Pulse Height Analyzer in

Charged Particle Detector spectrometer

The AlPHA CPD is ideally suited for charged particle spectroscopy. The module includes vacuum chamber, silicon photodiode detector of 200mm2 active area 300μm thick, charge preamplifier with detector biasing voltage filter, HV biasing voltage source, Digital Pulse Processor, and all necessary power supplies.

Both low and high stainless steel sample holders have rectangular 25X18.5 surface. This determines the maximum dimensions of the samples and calibration sources to be measured. The mounted samples and sources should not go closer than 1mm to the detector ceramic case rim. Thus the minimum distance to the detector shall be 1.5 mm, while the maximum (using the low profile sample holder and very thin sample) is ~ 9mm. The vacuum chamber construction prevents to large extend the detector surface contamination.

The P/Z is factory set but If needed can be ajusted

a. Under compensated P/Z

b. Proper P/Z compensation

c. Overcompensated P/Z

AlPHA has 8192 channels with addresses from 0 to 8191. The maximum number of counts to be stored in a channel (channel depth) is 222 (4 194 304). As the MCA is on board, AlPHA can be disconnected from the host once the acquisition has started. Later, if AlPHA is connected to the host again, the spectrum can be read and further processed by the host computer.

Alpha activity measurement of Radon and its progeny in air

A usual method for Rn alpha activity measurement is to pump certain amount of air through a filter and then to measure the filter activity. AlPHA CPD construction allows for measurement during pumping the air through the filter. This could be beneficiary as the short leaving progeny isotopes are measured instead of decaying before the measurement.

Illustration of obtainable FWHM with AlPHA CPD when measuring Radon progeny in air

Please see a spectrum, obtained by measuring air in a room without ventilation for six days.

222Rn activity = 476 ± 12 Bq/m3

Note that the peak of 212Po originating from 232Th series is also visible.


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