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Two new groov EPIC I/O modules for power monitoring and universal I/O

Learn about two new I/O modules just announced for the groov EPIC controller.

Two highly anticipated groov EPIC modules are here: the 3-phase power monitoring module with 64 channels of data (!), and the highly flexible, software-configurable multifunction, multi-signal module. These new modules can take your system to another level of efficiency and another step closer to your digital transformation goals.

Are you looking to lower your energy spend, avoid equipment failure, and reduce carbon emissions? These latest I/O offerings allow engineers to bring energy, performance, and machine health data directly from the edge into backend systems, for old and new equipment alike, aiming to reduce complexity, cost, and timelines.

Let’s take a closer look at these new I/O options:


This module provides an efficient way to monitor and measure power usage in your facility.

It provides 18 real-time data points per phase—including voltage, current, true and reactive power, power factor, and frequency—and 10 additional data points providing totals across all three phases. Accumulated values are preserved in non-volatile memory every 30 seconds to survive power interruption, and signal accuracy can be tuned for each phase using the minimum voltage threshold ratio, minimum current threshold ratio, and power creep adjustment properties.

If the module is part of a groov EPIC system running a PAC Control™ strategy, strategy logic can automatically perform additional calculations and take action to address any issues detected.


This new module accelerates input/output channel integration by giving engineers the flexibility to quickly connect almost any traditional I/O signal they find in the field, whether analog or discrete, input or output, to a single I/O module.

The software-configurable module accepts over a dozen signal types via eight multifunction, multi-signal I/O channels—thermocouples (TCs), integrated circuit temperature devices (ICTDs), thermistors/resistors, voltage inputs/outputs, current inputs/outputs, millivolt inputs, discrete DC inputs, self-wetting discrete inputs, and discrete DC sinking outputs. It also includes two form C mechanical relays.

This module is ideal for projects that have many mixed signal types, and where maximum I/O flexibility is desired.

Both of Opto 22’s new modules provide signal quality indicators and intelligent functions like scaling, averaging, and totalizing. Once acquired, data from both GRV-IVAPM-3 and GRV-MM1001-10 is immediately available for distribution to backend applications through the groov EPIC’s embedded MQTT clients, REST API, and traditional industrial communication protocols.

And even more good news….both these modules will be available soon! Keep in mind, PAC Project 10.4 and groov EPIC firmware 3.3.1 are required for full support. Check out our recent blog post on the EPIC Firmware 3.3.1 update to see what’s included.


Source: https://blog.opto22.com/optoblog/two-new-groov-epic-i/o-modules-for-power-monitoring-and-universal-i/o
Author: Janice Colmer

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