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Refurbishment for Atucha 1

Argentina is preparing to refurbish Atucha I, the first nuclear power reactor in South America, so that it may generate power for a further 20 years. A framework to regulate the work has been agreed. Atucha 1 came into service in 1974 and its current operating licence expires at the end of 2024. At that

How Ignition Helps Water Utilities Do More with SCADA

At Inductive Automation, we love sharing success stories from organizations around the world that are using Ignition to overcome obstacles and improve industrial processes. Every industry comes with its own unique challenges and requirements, and this article focuses on the world of water and wastewater. We collected and combined three recent articles from Water & Wastes

Indiana helps manufacturers optimize energy use

A recent article featured in Control magazine outlines the project that brought together the state of Indiana and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Indiana is leading the way in advancing manufacturers to make Industry 4.0 quick, simple, and cost-effective. The state has launched a first-of-its-kind program to enable its manufacturing industries to become the Factories of the Future.

Choosing current transformers (CTs)

Monitoring power and energy means measuring both voltage and current at the load’s source. For voltage, you wire directly to the service wiring. For current, however, you use current transformers (CTs). In the image at right, you see the thinner black wires for measuring voltage and the three CTs around the larger black, red, and

groov RIO MM2 is an award winner!

Opto 22 takes another Engineers’ Choice award in Control Engineering magazine’s annual competition. CTLx_ENG_2022_EngAward_WinnerThank you for making the groov RIO MM2 the choice of engineers! We were honored to learn that our newly introduced edge I/O product was named a 2022 Engineers’ Choice Award winner in the 35th annual Control Engineering awards program. The Engineers’

Announcing two new groov EPIC I/O modules for power monitoring and universal I/O

Are you looking to lower your energy spend, avoid equipment failure, and reduce carbon emissions? Good news. With Opto 22’s two new I/O modules, you can bring energy, performance, and machine health data directly from the edge—from both old and new equipment—into backend systems, reducing complexity, cost, and timelines. GRV-IVAPM-3 This 3-phase power monitoring module

Two new groov EPIC I/O modules for power monitoring and universal I/O

Learn about two new I/O modules just announced for the groov EPIC controller. Two highly anticipated groov EPIC modules are here: the 3-phase power monitoring module with 64 channels of data (!), and the highly flexible, software-configurable multifunction, multi-signal module. These new modules can take your system to another level of efficiency and another step closer to your digital

Simplify cybersecurity with publish-subscribe protocol

Michigan-based Waterford Township is upgrading its water/wastewater controls and SCADA system with MQTT publish-subscribe protocol running on Opto 22’s groov EPIC controllers Similar to training and retraining staff, one of the best ways to instill cybersecurity protections is to make them simple, so users will be more likely to get in the habit of using

Creating a Smart Field with 114 Sites in Just Eight Months

Scalable SCADA and MQTT Were Crucial to Achieving Ambitious Goals NGL Energy Partners is a diversified midstream oil & gas company that provides multiple services to producers and end users, including transportation, storage, blending, and marketing of crude oil. To improve its operational efficiency and revenue-generating capabilities, NGL embarked on an ambitious project that created a

Securing MQTT Messages

The use of a message broker in MQTT communications addresses some industrial networking security concerns, but not all of them. The co-inventor of the technology offers tips on how to secure your MQTT communications. A key aspect of MQTT’s (message queueing telemetry transport) architecture involves the use of an intermediary server to collect data, as

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